3 tips for a successful bathroom installation in a garage

Today, garages can be used as a multi-purpose space in homes. In addition to being a space that is used to park the car, it is also possible to incorporate a bathroom. When you are working on something in your garage and you need to go to the bathroom, you don't have to come to your house to do it. To successfully install a bathroom in your garage, here are some methods and tips to apply.

Installing the drain pipes

To install the drain pipes in your garage, you can drill your slab if it's on a concrete slab. You'll recap it once it's done. Another option is to install the toilet and shower on raised platforms, which allows you to run the drains through the wall and underground when you are outside. You can view more interesting information here. You can start installing the drainage pipes. These should maintain a slope to the point of connection to the main sewer. However, if you are unable to maintain this slope, you can instead install a toilet grinder. This will pump the waste upstream to the sewer.

Make sure there is a water supply

Another thing to consider when adding a bathroom to your garage is the water supply. Ensuring an adequate supply of water, both hot and cold, is a common challenge for homeowners looking to add a bathroom to their home. Before you embark on adding a bathroom to your garage, you should first assess the capacity of your water heaters as well as the condition of the existing plumbing in your home.

Installing the bathroom ventilation system

One of the common problems when installing a bathroom is moisture. You can opt for an air extractor. This device will get the humid air out of your garage while bringing fresh air back inside your garage. You can easily install an air extractor on the walls of your garage. This device can be connected with simple electrical wiring.