Could AstraZeneca be Leaving Out Key Research Information

The pharmaceutical rollout of the AstraZeneca vaccine in various parts of the world has seen some odds in recent times. However, thanks to assurances from the continental body in charge of validating drugs in Europe, many of the European countries have resumed the rollout and administering of these vaccines.


The Good Side of AstraZeneca?

According to a health expert, “way before the alleged reports that the Astrazeneca vaccine might be responsible for cases of blood clotting in Europe, I was surprised that the United States was not making use of this vaccine. The major reason is because of the clinically proven effectiveness and other amazing features that come with the use of this vaccine”.

Speaking of the other amazing features, AstraZeneca is one of the world’s leading vaccines developed from the stables of the Oxford University to tackle the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The status as a leading vaccine is validated by the clinical test to ascertain the ability to combat the spread of even new variants of the virus, the cheap cost when compared to others, and the relative ease that comes with transporting it.


This is why many European nations were reliant on the manufacturers until the reports of blood clotting and some other complications. This is something that the European drug regulatory agency has explained as unfounded.


How About AstraZeneca’s Use in the United States?

The use of this vaccine in the United States is a major issue for debate. For one, the FDA has not even approved the vaccine for distribution. In explaining the situation, a resource person said that “we all saw what happened with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Validation by FDA is not a stroll in the park. It is a strenuous process as the government agency will not like to take the fall for any complication. Especially with the reports that come from Europe at some point in time, it is expected that the vaccines will be subject to more stringent assessment by the FDA and all pertinent authorities.

However, there seem to be some gray areas as things are. As explained by the resource person, “there is the possibility that the AstraZeneca team is hiding certain previous research from the FDA’s evaluation team. This is a problem despite the impressive report that the drug can combat symptomatic diseases by about 75% and the real disease by almost 100%”.