How the “Dreamer Act” Could Get a Positive Fate with the Support of Fortune 500 Companies and Large Corporations

There are certainly differences between the ex-president and current president of the United States of America. One of such is the approach towards immigration.


The President with a Liberal Approach to Immigration

The first few days in office saw President Joe Biden use his administrative veto power in undoing some of the stringent immigration laws carried out by his predecessor. In this report, we see how liberal the Joe Biden administration is towards immigrants and the plans to make life better for these people.

Up until now, the “dreamer act” - which is an intended legislature to protect minors that were brought illegally into the country even as they advance in age has faced a lot of bad fate among congressmen and women. This is given how the policymakers have frowned at the decision time and time again.

However, the fate of this long-awaited act by the affected people may have a good ending. This is considering the political makeup of the congress, the involvement of the president, as well as the interest of Fortune 500 countries and major corporations in the country.


What the American Economy Stands to Gain from the Dreamer Act

The legislation of the dreamer act as strongly advised by the president and large corporations is not only a subjective decision. Several positives can be seen in this decision.

For one, every delayed tactic in the passage of this bill into law will see the American economy lose so much. The amount of tax generated from these groups of persons is massive and making sure they are deported or cannot obtain permanent citizenship is not good for the American economy.

Many of these persons have lived the American dream and made something good out of their lives. It is believed that the intellectual and professional expertise that they bring to the table is a major reason corporate organizations and Fortune 500 companies are very interested in the passage of this bill.

It is only hoped that the Democrats and Republicans in Congress will put their differences aside and see reasons to pass this one in the best interest of the nation.


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