Lithotherapy: the power of stones

Lithotherapy is a method of care by stones. It refers to a non-conventional medicine that heals with stones. It is based on the idea that minerals and stones have therapeutic virtues. According to the principle of lithotherapy, it is able to act on the body to improve the well-being of the person in contact with it. Discover, in this article, more details about lithotherapy.

The benefits of lithotherapy

There are many mental and physical disorders that can be treated with stones. But it is not necessary to be ill before enjoying the benefits of lithotherapy : by acting on energies and chakras, it allows to fully realize one's possibilities and to stabilize one's emotions. It is possible to wear it as a bracelet, as a pendant, in one's pocket or even to place it in the living room to take advantage of the revitalizing and regenerating virtues of the stones outside the lithotherapy sessions. Lithotherapy, an interesting site on which you will find precious stones. 

Before detailing the virtues of stones for health, it is necessary to underline the importance of receptivity! Stones cannot do everything, especially when the participant in lithotherapy is not willing to enter into resonance with their properties. Healing with stones should not categorically replace medical treatment, and it is advisable to consult a doctor if necessary.

How to clean stones

To purify or clean your stones, you can burn a sage stick. Its smoke will allow you to recharge your stones. But the most effective method is to combine the power of water and the power of the Moon. So, every evening of the Full Moon, pass your stones underwater and charge them with your intentions, what you wish to change and what you would like to have.  

If your stone resists water, you can soak it in a glass filled with lunar water. Then expose it to the moon's rays. It is important to know that some stones, such as rose quartz, do not stand the light of the Sun. Therefore, think of recovering them before the sunrise. The next day, your stone will be recharged and ready to rebalance your chakras !