More Military Combative Woes for Civilians in Yemen

The war in Yemen has not gone according to the initial plan. Or at least, it has not gone according to the expressed blueprint of the coalition by the Saudi-Arabian forces.


The Biggest Victims of the War

The biggest casualties of the years of war in Yemen have not been any side of the opposition. Rather, the innocent civilians that have been caught up in the war are the biggest victims. In this report, we analyze the situation in light of recent military strikes by the Saudi forces.

The initial intent was to use military tactics to push away the Houthi forces that had seized control of some part of the nation from Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi. However, this has clearly not worked as the Houthi forces have also been able to fight back in some manner.

In explaining the situation, the head of a humanitarian aid operating in Yemen explained that “in all sincerity, the major culprits are neither the Saudi coalition or Houthi forces. For me, it is the pretentious neutral parties that fund this war with cash and ammunition. They are the ones that are responsible for every life that has been lost, every decapitation of parts of the body, and trauma that the people of this nation have been subject to”.

In further explaining the situation, a United Nations Diplomat said that “as we speak, the major problem has been the violation of truce laws that have been made in recent times. This act is taking us one step forward and probably three steps backward. Even of late, the Saudi Forces thought that an airstrike on some Houthi foothold was the ideal thing and went for the catch. Before you know it, the Houthi forces will retaliate and this is the cycle of war”.


How Is the World Trying to Stop the Yemen Crisis?

In explaining how the United Nations and other major players are making an effort to address the situation in Yemen, an international relations expert explained the severity of the situation when he said that “we should not think things will change in Yemen with the snap of a finger. For goodness sake, this is going to take years of physical and emotional reconstruction to readdress. However, we can start by calling the Saudi and Houthi forces to order in the best interest of the innocent masses. Also, nations and people should be discouraged from funding this war one way or the other”.