Religious Disparities Affecting Academic Activities in High Schools in Kwara State

The state of Kwara is situated in the North Central Geo-Political Zone in the Nigerian landscape. However, this is a strategic point in the nation as it is nicknamed the state of harmony. However, the current situation in the state is putting a dent in that nickname as the state has witnessed several disruptions in the way academic activities are conducted in certain high schools in the state.


What Is the Problem?

The problem stems from the fact that many people from this Islamic-dominated state want their children to use Hijabs in school. The fact that these people also want to make use of this Islamic motivated dressing in schools that have Christian Origins is a cause for concern.

The Christian administrators in many of these schools have gone to the extent of locking up the school to prevent this from happening.

In an interview, one of these Christian administrators explained that “by law and religion, this proposition is wrong. It is a threat to the effective practice of our fate. It is also important that the state governor understands this and desists from interfering in a way that is not ideal. He should understand that he is not just the governor of the Muslim community, but the Christian community who came out in their large numbers to vote him in. This is clearly a wrong move and should be discouraged”.


The History of the Schools

Many of the government-aided schools in this state and many other parts of the Nigerian nation have Christian origins. These schools were instituted by the missionaries and run with Christian tenets. At some point, the government got involved by grant aiding and ensured that the running of the school would conform to the initial Christian tenets.

“This proposition by the Muslim community is outrageous and should be turned down” were the words of a pastor who was enraged about why this was an issue. He further explained that “can you wear a shirt saying all power belongs to Jesus in a mosque? So why should you think of using Islamic clothing in a missionary-founded school? The governor should call himself to order before…”