Robotic Creation Tested in Hospital’s Emergency Unit

The administration of a hospital has allowed the evaluation of a robotic machine that looks like a dog. This scientific and technological invention was put to use in an Emergency Unit ward of the hospital to determine if the use of this invention is beneficial to the healthcare system. From paper works and a theoretical stance, many uncertainties needed practical clarity.


Why the Robotic Dog in the Hospital’s Emergency Unit?

Aside from the need to try out newer and better technological features in the healthcare system, the use of this robotic dog created by Boston Dynamics was triggered by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In analyzing the need for such an invention, a disease prevention and control expert explained that such a service was required because of the complications caused by the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic. He explained that “even medical practitioners need to keep a safe distance from the patients sometimes. While this is weird, it is the price we all must pay with amazing inventions such as the robotic dog from Boston Dynamics”.

The robotic dog relays the message from the EU operatives from a safe distance. It does this by making use of a tablet device that is attached to the head of the machine. This device shows the picture of the doctors that are having the conversations.


How Much Help can the Robotic Dog Offer?

In analyzing the impact such an invention can have in the healthcare industry, a medical practitioner explained that “although it will be a pretty hard thing adjusting at first, I believe this invention will improve the healthcare system. First, you should think about the safety of doctors as they can operate from a safe distance. Furthermore, thanks to the positive digital impact on the healthcare system, this robotic machine can help carry out respiratory level checks, heart rate assessment, oxygen rate assessment, and a few other evaluations.


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