Visitax - Quintana Roo state tourist tax comes into effect.

The world is full of amazing tourist destinations, but it's hard to find a better destination than Mexico.  The country attracts over 40 million tourists each year, and it's no wonder! if you are looking for a charming vacation destination, you should look no further than Quintana Roo

Do you want to visit Quintana Roo in 2021?

During the year 2020, the State of Congress introduced a tourist tax required of all foreign persons entering the State of Quintana Roo and its tourist sites.  In addition, all tourists over 4 years old will have to pay the tax.  Once you have paid, the Mexican government will issue a permit that will be valid for your entire stay. Do not hesitate for more information on Visitax

If you are visiting this part of Mexico for leisure, business, or transit to a third country, you will be required to pay the Visitax Quintana Roo tax.  However, if you are visiting Quintana Roo for educational or health reasons, you will not have to pay tourist tax.

What are the steps to follow to pay the new tax?

If you want to manage the tourist tax through our website, you will need to complete the online form providing the names, age, return date, but also the number of visitors, for whom you pay the tax and an e  -valid email.

Once you have completed the first step, the second step asks you to review all of the data.

Finally, you will have the option to pay the fees by credit card or PayPal.

When you choose to pay your tourist tax through the website, the entire process will take approximately 5 minutes.  Once you have completed the entire process, you will receive an online confirmation.  The QR Code you will receive will serve as confirmation that you have paid the tourist tax.

It is very important to keep your electronic confirmation as you may need it when entering the country if the local authorities ask for proof that you have paid the tourist tax.  Once you have paid the tourist tax through our website, you will no longer have to think about the tourist tax.  You will be able to enjoy all that Quintana Roo has to offer.