What do I need to know about call center KPIs?

The establishment of a call center is a must for any company that wants to grow its business. As essential as they are, these call centers do not always meet the expectations placed on them. But fortunately, there are key performance indicators to help you measure their real impact. This article talks a little more about these indicators.

Service level

Service level refers to the percentage of incoming calls received within one second. This performance indicator is indicative of the level of efficiency of kpis for call centers. If the percentage is rising, your call center is considered to be performing well. If the level is low, your call center will not be able to meet its objectives. What you need to know here is that this indicator depends solely on the performance of the agents.. It is necessary to shoe that the higher the level, you will give more satisfaction to customers and therefore, more income

Call duration

Call duration is an important lever to consider when evaluating call centers. It is really the average time that the discussion between the agent and the customer takes. This productivity factor is all the more important as it conditions the agent's performance. Thus, an agent who spends too much time on a single call is an agent who cannot be productive at all. To remedy this situation, the company can decide to invest massively in technology or to invest in the training of existing agents.

Call abandonment rate

The norm for a call center would be to receive all calls that enter its server. However, there are cases where some callers get tired of waiting too long and hang up. This can be an epiphenomenon. However, if it becomes more widespread, it could be a strong indicator of inefficiency. The direct consequence of such a thing is that the company will have a hard time retaining customers.